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Salary Components / Structure
  • User definable earning / deduction
  • Create complex formula with ease
  • Pay slip / non pay slip component
  • Component- Regular / lump sum
  • Unlimited Earning/ Ded .per employees
Payroll Processing
  • Minimum Data Entry
  • Import data from MS Excel
  • Stop Salary    
  • Rollback of Processing
  • Locking of Processed Month    
  • Audit Trail                                                     

Statutory Compliance

  • PF
  • ESIC
  • Profession Tax
  • TDS
  • Gratuity
Power ful modules
  • Loan Recovery module
  • Leave management Module                                                                     
  • Arrears Computation Module
  • Bonus Computation Module
  • Reimbursement module
  • Several Standard Reports     
  • User definable Salary Register layout
  • User definable pay slip layout         
  • One / two level Report Grouping
  • Several Filters
  • Reports Exportable to Excel Word                                                                              
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