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Pratique controls flow management by reducing customer waiting time whilst providing customers entertainment, information and marketing promotions through the multimedia display whilst waiting to be called. By pre-determining customer needs
and selected services, customer service officers can reduce their serving time. And with a wide range of reports including Key Performance Indicators (KPI), branch management can monitor and improve their staff performance for a better customer
Pratique Modules
  • Terminal/Ticketing Counter for Customer i.e. POS terminal
  • Calling Display for Advertisement and Displaying ticket/token
    number and counter number for calling out next customer.
  • Calling Module
  • Real-Time Dashboard Monitor (for each teller or staff member
    serving the customer)
  • Key-Performance-Indicator (KPI) Reporting
1. Terminal/Ticketing Counter for Customer i.e. POS terminal
  • Touch screen keyboar
2. Calling Display
  • This Calling Display consist of CMS (Content Management Module)
3. Calling Module
  • Call the next customer
  • Transfer a customer to another service
  • Put a customer on hold
4. Real-Time Dashboard Monitor
  • Dashboard Monitoring for analyse
  • Through Dashboard Monitor to recognise
  • Rule Engine to formulate rule for queuing system
5. Key-Performance-Indicator (KPI) Reporting

• KPI Branch Reports (Branch Management Reports)

  • Daily Progress
  • Detail per Service
  • Detail per Terminal
  • Reports are available in periodic options (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and yearly).
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